Love beads, a smiley face pin, and Tiger Beat bangs.

I am an obstreperous old queer who has resolved to blog every day for a year–this year, to be exact. I live in Phoenix, Arizona (and, occasionally, in Ohio and the South of France) with a really nice Jew and three cats. I’ve made my living these past 28 years as a writer, and lately I’ve also been working as a curator at a pair of local art galleries. I take full-time care of my parents, who are both ancient. (My mother has Alzheimer’s disease. Whee!) I’m a chronic malcontent and like to use profanity. Thus, this blog. Enjoy!


14 Responses

  1. I did, in fact, scroll down and read every single one of your posts. I love you already. Please keep letting us into your world! 🙂

  2. Me too! And I’m going to read them everyday… See, I was paying attention! : )

  3. Dear Sunshine:

    Are you absolutely sure you’re not Jewish?
    Is there any proof that you are not, in fact, my grandmother Hilda? It doesn’t impress me that you were born well before she died; stranger things have happened.

    I somehow enjoyed reading your blog.


    p.s. I am the last holdout, but I’m gearing up, too.

  4. Well, I am very excited about this blog!

    I was at a comedy club when I was in college, and unfortunately, sat in the front row. The comedian started picking on me, so he asks, ‘Do you have any Jewish in you?’, and then followed it up with ‘Would you like some Jewish in you?’ (ba-dum-ching)

  5. I read every word Robrt. I never read blogs, but for this one year, I shall read yours.

  6. I imagie by now we are on the I HATE EVERYTHING list, since we only see or hear about you from cyber space. I can’t promise to read every day but we will spread the gospel of Pela to anyone and everyone who will listen to us, which is eviently very few…HUGS you BOQ!

  7. Now I have to get an iPad so I can sit outside and read your blog.

  8. I hate reading blogs. I used to read blogs…loved the top 10 list. Had to check them all out. Subscribed to some. Wrote my own off and on. I got bored. Someone said they were in line for Splash Mountain in Disneyland and reading your blog made the wait worth while. I thought “what the fuck”. When I got to blog #1 I was disappointed. Is that all there is…why isn’t there more??? I, too, live in Phx and have a father with Alzheimer’s. Consider yourself lucky. Mine shot a hole in the fireplace and poured kerosene on the living room carpet and threw a match…did not ignite! He’s a crazy old man with Alzheimer’s. Once got mad and walked from SW Goodyear to Buckeye in 115 degrees (10 miles) in 1 hour. Yep. 1 hour. He’s what you call a “walker”. You have to keep the doors locked. Good luck with your life. Can’t wait for more!

  9. Yeah, just as entertaining as I thought. Damn! Now I’ll have to read it regularly!

  10. Oh boy…. just now noticed that you were blogging. And you KNOW how much I love your perspective on things. xoxox

  11. I’m enjoying the blog very much, and got a kick out of the use of the Palm Springs picture from the LuLu’s gay brunch we had when you were out in August. Please also send love to your husband!

  12. so how do I get to follow this regularly?

  13. I did not know that your mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. I’m very sorry to hear that.

  14. More posts please…

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