December 10, 2012: What Happened Tonight

          I left the house without my eyeglasses. I wear those cheap drug store “readers” that magnify things up close so that middle-aged people can see them. I didn’t take them with me when we left the house, because we were just going on our nightly walk and then to dinner at one of the two dozen restaurants that have recently sprung up at the intersection near our house.

          At the restaurant, one of those chain Chinese places that breed like rabbits, we ordered a salad and a noodle bowl. As I was dividing up the salad onto two plates, I kept eyeing a mushroom that was stuck to the side of the bowl. “Without my glasses, that sure looks like a grasshopper,” I thought.

           It was a grasshopper. Which I discovered after Tevye had eaten a forkful of salad.

           We walked across the street to the pizza place. The hell with our diets.

Thing I Hate Today: Being served insects


One Response

  1. So, are grasshoppers considered protein or produce? 🙂

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