December 1, 2012: Back

            My friend Mike knows everything.

            “Yeah, you’ll blog for six months or so,” he told me when I launched this thing, “and then you’ll just stop.”

            I told him, of course, that this would never happen. “I’m different,” I’m sure I said. “This blog thing is a commitment! I’m great at commitments.”

            But I hate writing. No revelation there: I’ve known I hate to write—especially for free—for the nearly 30 years I’ve been doing it for a living.

             Anyway, I’m back, to haunt you with blather from my wee life. And, for those of you who noticed or cared, I’m sorry I vanished. Here, as a sort of penance, is another photograph of me looking ridiculous.

Which of these girls is Robrt Pela?

Which of these girls is Robrt Pela?

Thing I Hate Today: Procrastination is like breathing