December 2, 2012: Always Here

Everywhere I go, I meet them: People who are taking care of a family member.

     An artist comes to the gallery to show me her photography, hoping I’ll be interested in exhibiting her work, and somehow we end up talking about how she’s been caring for her elderly grandmother for the past decade. Or I’m interviewing an architect for my newspaper column, and he excuses himself to go wipe his father’s nose. Or I bump into an old friend who’s moved back to town to take care of her mom, who’s just been diagnosed with some sort of horror.

     I wonder: Were they here all along, and I didn’t notice them because I wasn’t one of them?

December 2

Thing I Hate Today: “Would you be willing to take a short survey after this call is complete?”


5 Responses

  1. Yes. It is a bit like that phenomenon whereupon purchasing a green Prius, you suddenly notice a multitude of green Prius’ on the road. However, this awareness you describe is incredible because it puts us in the precise path of the ones we need to meet.

  2. Is it ironic that under your “Thing I Hate Today: ‘Would you be willing to take a short survey after this call is complete?'” is an advert for Opinion-Central. I hate how assessment-happy America has become.

  3. I to know what it is like to care for a loved one in need.It came easy to forget who i was and what i wanted to do,because it is what they wanted me to be that overcame my ego.It was so humbling and so fullfilling to look into their eyes smile and say hello in there. .

  4. Your lovely mother is deep into the text. What is she reading?

  5. It’s called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon…

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