December 1, 2012: Back

            My friend Mike knows everything.

            “Yeah, you’ll blog for six months or so,” he told me when I launched this thing, “and then you’ll just stop.”

            I told him, of course, that this would never happen. “I’m different,” I’m sure I said. “This blog thing is a commitment! I’m great at commitments.”

            But I hate writing. No revelation there: I’ve known I hate to write—especially for free—for the nearly 30 years I’ve been doing it for a living.

             Anyway, I’m back, to haunt you with blather from my wee life. And, for those of you who noticed or cared, I’m sorry I vanished. Here, as a sort of penance, is another photograph of me looking ridiculous.

Which of these girls is Robrt Pela?

Which of these girls is Robrt Pela?

Thing I Hate Today: Procrastination is like breathing


8 Responses

  1. Missed you, my dear. Welcome back!

  2. Cool. Love it. Laura Kerrigan was just asking me about you yesterday. She’ll dig that you’re back.


  3. You look great, but Michelle Pfeiffer looks horrible in those mustard shorts.

    • One word. Cameltoe. Or is that two words?

  4. Glad you are back! Was worried you were under the avalanche of life’s responsibilities.

  5. Well finally! I have been sitting at the edge of my seat for ages awaiting your next blog post. Now I can lean back.

  6. Glad to see you back!

  7. So happy you are back even though you don’t even know me! I am concerned to comment because I know I will use the wrong punctuation or grammar, then become the butt of your joke. By the way, your girlfriend has camel toe. Just saying…

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