August 31, 2012: Hanging Around

          This is my favorite part of a new art exhibit: Designing the space, and placing the art. I even like hanging the work, most of the time.

          This exhibit, which opens Friday, September 7 at Willo North Gallery, is called Collection. It’s a group show made up of new work by artists I have in my personal collection. My intern, Taylor Godfrey, came up with the concept for the show, although she swears it was my idea.

          Come see.

And then my husband comes in to design the lighting.

Thing I Hate Today: Telephone solicitations


3 Responses

  1. I’ve spent most of the day analysing the number of times academic papers by the doctors in my department have been referenced this year. When I got to “Extracorporeal photopheresis for the treatment of Sezary syndrome using a novel treatment protocol”, I said to myself, “Fuck this shit – I wonder what Robrt hates today.”

    You never disappoint.

  2. My new job is at the Institute for American Indian Arts in Santa Fe…they have an entire museum studies degree and the classroom is full of dioramas. It does look fun. They even have a gallery to practice in.

  3. Robrt it is important to stay angry. It makes you a better artist.

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