August 28, 2012: Not Without My Kitten

Not my “son.”

          It happened again the other day. I bumped into someone I know a little bit and hadn’t seen in a while. I remembered her name and that she had a daughter named Kelsey, so I asked how Kelsey was doing.

          “Oh, she’s great!” my pal yelped. “She’s just started fourth grade and she’s in band this year and she’s thinking about joining Girl Scouts! It’s so cute!”

And then she said this thing that I hear every once in awhile and which always makes my toes curl.

          “How’re your cats?”

          I responded as I always do. I looked briefly confused, and then I replied, “They’re okay.” And then I changed the subject.

          Note to all and sundry: My cats are not my children. You don’t have to ask after my pets because I have never fathered a child. We have other things we can talk about.

Thing I Hate Today: Superstition


2 Responses

  1. Well I don’t have kids or pets so imagine how short my conversations are with old friends at the grocery store.

  2. Why won’t you tell us about your cats???

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