August 26, 2012: Rocks Off

What we expected.

          This is what one gets for attempting, however briefly, to revisit one’s childhood: A puddle of purple sludge.

          I’ve been doing one of my annual purges of the house, where I go through every closet and cupboard looking for stuff to get rid of. Last night I found something I have no memory of buying, but which Tevye says the Easter Bunny brought him last March: a packet of Magic Growing Crystals.

          “Can I throw these away?” I asked Tevye.

          “Let’s make them, then throw them out,” was his genius idea.

          I followed the instructions, which were obviously (but not very clearly) translated from some other language, pouring warm water into a fishbowl and then covering rocks with what looked like grape Kool-Aid. Every 45 minutes or so, Tevye and I would peer into the fishbowl hoping to see something. Finally, we gave up and went to bed.

          Twenty-four hours later, we have this:

What we got.

Thing I Hate Today: Unfulfilled promises


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