August 25, 2012: Not So Contemporary

          I am apparently quite old.

          I was invited to read a couple of my essays at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art last night, along with four other local writers. I read “Uncle Sam at the Piggly Wiggly” (a satire aimed at annoying pop-psych catch-phrases) and “The Mysterious Song of the Elusive Plastic Butterfly” (about the night, two summers ago, when I awoke in my childhood bedroom and thought, for a second, that it was still 1978 and I had dreamed my entire adult life).

          After I read my essays, I asked Tevye, “How’d I do?”

          “Fine. Grandpa.”

          It seems that I took rather a long time removing my eyeglasses from the pocket of my blazer before I began reading. My glasses didn’t go unnoticed by anyone, it seems.

          “I really liked the story you read about taking care of your parents!” a nice young woman told me at the meet-and-greet after. “And you were so cute in your glasses! My mom has a pair just like them!”

Thing I Hate Today: Karen Carpenter jokes


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  1. Old and HOT.

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