August 21, 2012: We Are Not Alone

     I am working on a writing project for a local home-care company, and so I’m spending a good chunk of time these days talking to other people who are caring for family members. We’re a weary bunch, prone to bitterness and crying.

      I try to keep the interviews short, but there’s no way to make them cheerful. “My father has no legs and my mother has Stage IV colon cancer.” And: “My child broke his neck when he was three, and that was 22 years ago. I’ve been caring for him, full-time, ever since.” And, over and over again, this refrain: “Then the extended care policy ran out and the nursing home kicked her out and I had to bring her back home.”

          Maker’s Mark has been calling my name all day.

Thing I Hate Today: How my 7,000 CDs are now suddenly “old-fashioned”


One Response

  1. I took care of my mother, who passed last May, and found home support only helpful with advice of how to help her move forward. They were not there to relieve me or give me time off. They wanted me there to teach me as well, to carry out the goals for the next week. A better program would have been home care support that came and carried out the goals while I was able to rest or attend to other important matters. Don’t get me wrong, I loved taking care of my mother, and working with her on physical therapy, diet, medication, and more. I just needed time off to keep other parts of life balanced.


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