August 16, 2012: Mexicans, Welcome

          I steadfastly refuse to take responsibility for anyone else’s lack of reading comprehension. No apologies. Learn to read.

          A couple weeks ago I wrote, in this blog, that I hate anti-immigration reform propaganda. I’ve since received a half-dozen emails calling me unsympathetic to the plight of the Mexican, and a racist, and worse.

Huddled masses, be gone no more m’lady.

          Because some of you misunderstood. My message was pretty simple: I am for immigration reform. I think Mexicans—and all other people—should be welcomed into this country, where they might improve their lives. That’s what America still claims to be: a place of opportunity for the “tempest-tost.”

          I’m not proselytizing, merely clarifying. Don’t let me get all Emma Lazarus here.

 Thing I Hate Today: Free verse


2 Responses

  1. Robrt, I am confused about this blog. I also somehow missed the blog you referred to from a few weeks back. Please clarify how you got readers panties in a bunch.

    • Kim Blake, please explain why, though I did not click on or read your comment until today, when I went to yesterday on my home computer, the most recent search came up as “panties in a bunch,” something I would never have to look up. I welcome our new artificially intelligent overlords.

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