August 6, 2012: True Confession (10 of 10): I Live in Fear of Contemporary American Furniture

          I’m not being cute. This stuff drives me mad with grief. I wonder what happened to Americans that we became a people who crave function over form to the point that we will have in our homes something that looks like this: 

Barcalounger-a-rama: Run screaming!

Do me a favor: Don’t write to me in defense of these culture-screwing monstrosities. I don’t care how comfortable they are or how your husband works real hard and when he comes home at the end of the day he just wants to sit on a La-Z-Boy bigger than the moon, with a special pocket for the TV remote and a built-in footrest and a for Christ’s sake cup-holder. These things are a blight; a middle finger to style. They shouldn’t exist.

          And now I’m going to go sick up my lunch.

 Thing I Hate Today: Every dog I’ve ever met has wiped its nose on my leg


2 Responses

  1. Do you remember the dog that wiped her nose on your leg that you said had the sent of flour? She is chasing bunny rabbits in heaven. As Will Rogers said, “If dogs dont’t go to heaven, I want to go there where they went.”
    Liz, Josick and Madison.

  2. It is a BIG MAN couch and a BIG WOMAN couch… other words the American style….over-sized, overstuffed, under- styled and brown! If the booth at Golden Coral is the fanciest place you get to stuff your face then how would you know anything about furnishings?????
    Oh…..and thanks for making me laugh.

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