July 30, 2012: True Confession (3 of 10): I Put My Cat in Diapers and a Sweater


         My cat, Roxymusic, lived to be 22 years old. I got him when I was a teenager and he died when I was middle-aged.

          The last year of his life, he didn’t weigh much, and he was always cold. So the vet brought me a box of Chihuahua sweaters for him to wear. Not long after, Roxy started peeing on the floor. So I bought a crate of disposable “preemie” baby diapers, cut a hole in each one for his tail to stick through, and he wore those.

          I loved that cat.

 Thing I Hate Today: “Peanut allergies”


2 Responses

  1. These confessions are making me happy.

  2. Shared unconditional love…wonderful.

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