August 1, 2012: True Confession (5 of 10): I Yell at People in Movie Theaters

Quiet. Bossy queen in the house.

          If you make a lot of noise in a movie theater, I will scream at you. There will be profanity involved.

          I’m a cinema screamer. Or at least I used to be, before that crazy guy killed all those people at the Batman screening in Denver last month. Tevye has since forbidden me to so much as glare at anyone in a movie house. Spoil sport.

          But, seriously. I didn’t pay fifteen dollars to listen to you talk—non-stop, at full volume—to your girlfriend about how cute the leading man is. And did you really think it was a good idea to bring your six-month-old baby with you? Because he’s going to sleep straight through the movie without so much as a whimper. Right?

          Don’t get me started on people who answer their fucking telephone at the movies.

 Thing I Hate Today: That so many novels commence with a quote from someone


2 Responses

  1. Right there with you Robrt! Also don’t understand why people will bring a young child to a PG 13 or R rated movie. Babysitters do exist.

  2. All those things you mentioned happened to me in church Sunday. Three women behind me chatted constantly; a baby cried except when it stopped to pass gas; cell phones with the ring tones of God-awful tunes finished off this mixture. I GLARED but to no avail. Finally succumbed to chatty magpies and gaseous odors. So rude!

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