July 27, 2012: None Too Bright


          I must have missed something here. When did light bulbs go from being, well, light bulb-shaped to being glass-and-metal soft-serve cones?

          I do sort of remember reading something about how light bulbs were about to become more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. But I don’t recall anything about how real light bulbs were going to vanish altogether from store shelves, to be replaced by frankly ridiculous-looking (and really expensive!) corkscrews.

          The green movement can do whatever the hell it wants in its quest to make the world a better place. But when I get a good idea, the icon that will appear above my head will never, ever look like a hunk of a superhero’s spiral perm.

 Thing I Hate Today: One too many pairs of shoes in our closet


One Response

  1. They suck as lighting – they make dingy grey light and I hate them, and you have to throw them away a special way or something, because they are NOT Green on the inside. You die if you drop one.

    My dad would call these “dark bulbs.”

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