July 25, 2012: From the Sublime…


      It’s been one of those weeks where both of my parents have a whole crapload of back-to-back doctor appointments. Between them, they see 12 different specialists and a primary care doctor. What with lab runs and imaging appointments, this works out to about two doctor appointments per week. Occasionally, there’s a week like this one, where we’re going to see some doctor or another every day. Whee!

          This morning was a study in contrasts—absurd contrasts. My parents’ neurologist spent a full hour with them, asking specific questions and actually listening to the answers; interviewing each of us about how the past month has gone, offering advice, and compassion, and recommending a new prescriptive drug. I left feeling my parents had been cared for and seen by the doctor, who gave me a list of instructions for the coming weeks and renewed my faith in western medicine.

          From there, we went to see my father’s pulmonologist. He wasn’t sure why my father was there (“I don’t seem to have the results from Rick’s test,” he told me at one point. “That’s because he didn’t have any tests done,” I replied. “And his name is Nick.”), and only looked up once from his laptop (when I, wondering if he’d notice, pointed to his wastebasket and asked, “Is that a unicorn?”). The good doctor was in and out of his appointment with us in under ten minutes.

          Bam. Just like that. Back to reality.

Thing I Hate Today: Cat Fancy in the doctor’s waiting room. (Seriously?)


One Response

  1. And did he look to see if it was indeed a unicorn? Eastern medicine for me, Mr Pela. You pay out of pocket most of the time but you get better treatment.

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