July 24, 2012: For a Very Important Date

           Procrastination? My middle name, of course.

I’ve fallen nearly two weeks behind in my blogging. By way of apology, here is a profoundly embarrassing photograph of me from my distant past. Laugh at me, and forgive.

I’ll be right back with you.


Thing I Hate Today: Second-guessing the universe


6 Responses

  1. Did you get to choose the dinner courses?

  2. Of course. It was my birthday. (How like you to know that.)

  3. It’s good to be 9.

  4. Not as embarrassing as I had hoped. You can do better, Robrt Pela..

  5. Home-Made Pic-A-Doos on your own birthday cake could be mistaken for embarrassing.

    • Fruit Pie has a point, Kim Blake.

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