July 20, 2012: Hurry!

          I was rolling my eyes this morning at my iPod. The diet-monitoring app was taking forever to load, and I was pissed. I needed to log the fact that I’d just added a 35-calorie-per-serving non-dairy creamer to my morning cup of coffee. Now.

          “You know,” Tevye said, looking up from his knitting, “you’re amazing. You live in a world where everything in life is faster and more convenient than it’s ever been, and yet you’ve actually grown more impatient. You have a computer that answers any question you might have in just seconds, an iPod to count calories for you, a reading device that loads books onto itself as soon as you decide you want to read them, and yet still everything takes too long.”

“You mean like that sweater you’ve been making since 2009?” I asked, sweetly.

 Thing I Hate Today: Termites


One Response

  1. What happened to your daily/nightly walks the two of you used to take to keep fit?

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