July 16, 2012: I Woke Up in Hock This Morning

A whole bunch of David Cassidy’s 1970s solo albums are being reissued this month. For people who care, that’s nice. Still, it’s not a great time to be David Cassidy. Last week, he was nailed by the press for showing up on stage in Las Vegas bombed out of his mind, slurring and tripping and forgetting the words to songs, haranguing the audience with nasty comments. (His management later claimed he had a cold and glugged too much Nyquil before going onstage.)

Yesterday, he lost a lawsuit with Sony Inc., whom Cassidy was suing for royalties he feels he’s owed from his Partridge Family years. And today, he lost his condo in Florida, which was foreclosed on because he owed a gazillion dollars in mortgage payments.

Sad, sad, sad. I do feel bad for David Cassidy. But I’m also sick to death of what I call The Mike Nesmith Syndrome. I don’t want to hear any more whining about how celebrities became famous for something they didn’t want to be famous for — which Cassidy has made a late-life career of. Oh, really? You wanted to be an actor but not for the role we discovered you in? Sorry! Oops! You wanted to be a singer but you want us to forget about all those million-selling records you were “forced” by your management to record? Fuck off.

Thing I Hate Today: Whiney millionaires


2 Responses

  1. I’m bugged by celebrities who when caught driving recklessly, report to rehab. “Well, you see, I took the wrong meds or I have this hang nail that distracted me.” Right.

  2. I, too, am sick to death of fame-angst. Esp from my one-time-six-day-crush-long-after-it-was-appropriate (in 1986 based on old music magazines I found at a record convention) on David Cassidy. I so wanted to like him but he turned out to have acquired that a$$-hole gene from his dad. If he had gone on to better things after PF I would relent on my judgement that the PF was ultimately his best work. PF is under-rated. I only wish I could talk Lindsay Buckingham into re-interpreting their material. But since I can’t, I will have to continue to listen to David interpret it the first time. Long live “Bandala.”

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