July 9, 2012: Wrong Blogging

Apparently, I’m blogging “wrong.”

          I’ve fallen behind since returning from Bargemon, and so I’ve been posting entries two and three at a time, sometimes written several days after the actual date of the blog post, in order to catch up and to keep my post-a-day quota.

          Okay, so it’s cheating. And some of you have written to complain. I have to admit I’m surprised anyone has noticed, or cares. But please rest assured that even this blog, itself, has an automated feature that sends me little notes (“Hi! Did you forget to post today?”) and cheers me on with little pop-up windows (“Congratulations! That was your 147th post!”) when I make my goal of one post per day.

          Is it possible to tell your own blog to fuck off?

 Thing I Hate Today: Dry-cleaning bills


3 Responses

  1. July 10, 2012 : Fuck off…
    Thing I Hate Today: My uppity blog. But apparently the answer is “yes.”
    BLAM! blog done.

  2. I think I noticed because I’m far too accustomed to reading blogs. Or noticing dates. Or both.

  3. anyone who cares that you’re a day or two off needs to go out and get some fresh air.

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