July 13, 2012: Three for Three

          In the last week I’ve opened three art exhibits at three different galleries. Somebody shoot me.

          This one, at the Herberger Theater Center Art Gallery, is an invitational that I forced the nice people at the Herberger to put on the gallery schedule last year (they don’t usually do invitationals there). I’m calling it Lightning in a Bottle, and I’ve selected work by Jake Fischer (a painter), Hank Fries (a sculptor), and David Emitt Adams (a photographer). These guys are amazingly talented, and I hope, if you’re in Phoenix and at the Herberger any time in the next couple months, you’ll head upstairs to the gallery to check out their newest work.

          Here’s a preview:

David Emitt Adams makes these gorgeous tintype portraits on metal film canisters and rusty old tin cans. Beautiful.

Jake Fischer is a young painter who makes these stunning oil paintings of nighttime street scenes. They glow.

Hank Fries creates amazing metal sculptures. This giant koi features scales made from old bottle caps.

Thing I Hate Today: Not enough hours in a day


One Response

  1. This fish sculpture is so unique. I zoomed in so I could see his pattern of bottle cap scales. Really creative.

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