July 7, 2012: Alleged Assassins as Art

          Last night I reopened Paul Wilson: My Life with Lee Harvey Oswald at Willo North Gallery. There was less of a mob scene at this opening than at the June event, so Paul and I were able to actually talk to collectors and his fans. Many of the new limited edition prints I commissioned were sold, and my old grade school pal Jim bought the last remaining original work, a teen magazine cover in which Paul reimagines Oswald as a cutie-pie teen idol. Paul wore a Santa hat (the name of the opening party was “Lee’s Xmas in July!”—I no longer remember why I thought that would be funny) and so did several of the Oswald mannequins.

Paul and his muse.

          One patron, as she was leaving, complimented Paul on “making notorious killers into art,” and asked me what I was planning to do at the gallery next month. “I was thinking about showing paintings of flowers,” I replied.

 Thing I Hate Today: Not enough irony in the world


3 Responses

  1. Great show, both times!

  2. As long as a handsome accused ass*ssin is reclining nude in these flowers, sure.

  3. Where was Paul Wilson when we were 20? I clearly left Phoenix too soon.

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