July 3, 2012: “Home”

          It turns out my life in Phoenix is still here. I missed Tevye, but not so much the other daily players in my life, all of whom lined up this morning to greet me, via telephone and email and a rather daunting stack of snail mail.

There was a letter from the gal at my parents’ insurance company, informing me that Dad’s extended care policy has once again declined my claim for in-home services. There was an email from the urologist’s assistant, saying that the good doctor has relocated to Ahwatukee, so I’ll have to find another pee expert. A phone message from ALTCS informs me that Mom still doesn’t qualify for financial benefits, and a text from Walgreens alerts me to the fact that my parents’ primary health care policy isn’t covering this month’s prescription for Seroquel.

I’d better get back into character. Where’s my starched white cap with the big red plus sign on it?

And I’m back.

Thing I Hate Today: Jet lag


3 Responses

  1. I’ll iron your starched white cap with the red plus sign. And right about now, your siblings, using alias Facebook names, will begin accusing you of acting like a victim and a martyr (are those the same thing?). So add that to the list of things to come home to.

  2. I had a great urologist in 2009 that was not far from your parents house. If I can find his name I will send it to you.

  3. Urologist Raymond Hurm, whose office is near John C. Lincoln, might be an option. My sister and I got to know him when we were caring for an elderly neighbor….we learned more than we ever expected (or wanted) to know. He’s practical, approachable and forthright. Looks a little like the mad scientist in “Back to the Future.” You might like him.

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