June 30, 2012: Worth Noting

          When Tevye and I are apart for a week or more, we send one another away with a little stack of notes to read each day we’re gone.

          Sorry. I’m sure this makes you want to hork up your lunch.

          This time, I made Tevye a CD to accompany his notes—a collection of songs (we used to call them “mix tapes,” back when tapes were still a viable recording format—remember?) to listen to, one per day, while I’m away. Songs pertinent to us, and our romance, and being apart: “Alfie” (a longtime fave of mine); “No One is Alone” from Into the Woods; “Silver Wings” (about a lover departing on a jet plane); “Time After Time” (“our” song—the jazz standard by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, not the Cyndi Lauper tune). And Tevye, because he’s Tevye, knitted a little envelope in which to keep my notes from him.

I know. Right?

          My notes to Tevye this time were silly little annotations on the songs and their relevance; his to me were directives. Like this one, from last week: “Soon you’ll be back and falling right into the routine of life. So take a long, hard, mental snapshot of what ‘content’ and ‘relaxed’ feel like.”

          I’m down to one last note from Tevye, which means I’m headed back to Phoenix tomorrow. Lord.

Thing I Hate Today: Closing up this house


2 Responses

  1. You should have a plaque made of Tevye’s directive.

  2. The two of you need to write a book about how to have a successful marriage.

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