July 2, 2012: Fuck.

          Oh, hurray. I missed my connecting flight from London to Phoenix.

          It’s my own fault. London Heathrow is essentially a giant shopping mall with an airport grafted onto it. Every time I pass through here, I end up buying giant piles of budget-priced CDs from the HMV stores in Heathrow—things I can’t get in the US, like The Compleat Jerry Vale or a seven-disc compilation of Doris Day’s movie songs. I can’t pass up a 200-song box set called Dance Hits of 1982 for just nine pounds. I’ve tried. Don’t ask.

          So. I deliberately booked flights with only a one-hour layover between them, so that I wouldn’t have time to buy a bag full of The Best of The Ames Brothers (five discs for six pounds!) and seven different Lulu reissues (two pounds apiece!).

          “What with Wimbledon and the Olympics,” the cheerful bird behind the British Air counter chirped, “I’m afraid an hour wasn’t enough. Our next flight to Phoenix is tomorrow afternoon.”

          And, because the world has apparently emptied out half its population into London, the room at the Holiday Inn I just booked for the night is costing me 220 pounds. Seriously: A Holiday Inn single for $330.

          Next time, I’ll just go shopping for Lulu.

I want to be back in Bargemon, in my own bed.

 Thing I Hate Today: Being trapped


3 Responses

  1. Sounds like you purchased some expensive CD’s when all is said and done. On the bright side you have tonight to get out in London. So it really is a bonus day added on to your vacation!!! ENJOY

  2. Was that photo your room in France or what you get for $330 when you book a tiny room at the Holiday Inn at the last minute during the Olympics?

    • The photo is of our bedroom in Bargemon. The Holiday Inn in London looks like the Holiday Inn in Boise.

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