June 27, 2012: The Phoenix Connection

Centre ville in Bargemon. How many of these people are from Phoenix?

          Several summers ago, Tevye called me from Bargemon; I’d stayed behind in Phoenix and was planning to meet him in Bargemon a week or so later. “There’s another American living in the village,” he told me. “Her name is Linda, and I had drinks with her and Alain, her French husband, today.”

          “Well, it was bound to happen,” I replied, “that another American would wind up there.”

          “But she’s been here for 30 years,” Tevye said. “And get this: She’s from Phoenix.”

          “Mon dieu!”

          “There’s more. She and I went to the same high school. And she and Alain have a house in Phoenix. When I described where we live in Phoenix, she said, ‘You mean the grey house with the wraparound porch?’”

          This is only kind of amazing when one considers that there are fewer than a thousand people in Bargemon, and two of the half-dozen or so Americans here are from Phoenix and both graduated from Camelback High.

          Today, I met Linda and Alain for drinks in centre ville. Their daughter, son-in-law (both former Phoenicians), and grandchildren are visiting from San Diego. We got to talking, and it turns out that Linda’s daughter studied gymnastics at the gymnastics school where Tevye taught for more than a decade.

          We were eventually joined by Jill and Ryan, two young Phoenicians who rented our house here a couple of years ago; they’re back, visiting, and had just arrived in Bargemon.

          “Careful,” Linda said to Jill and Ryan after I’d made introductions. “You’re from Phoenix, and so am I. If we talk long enough, we may discover that I’m your half-sister.”

          No one laughed.

 Thing I Hate Today: This trip is coming to a close.


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  1. …and the others are out on the balcony smoking…

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