June 26, 2012: This Is My Year for Wainscoting

          In February, I installed and stained wainscoting in the Ohio house; this month, it’s the same job in the salon in Bargemon.

          Long before we lived here, some nice Frenchman, probably in the 1960s, installed knotty pine wainscoting in the alcove and entry hall of our salon here. Knotty pine? I thought, when I saw it. Malheuresment!

Before. Allors!


       About five years ago, Tevye bought me a can of mahogany stain to paint the wainscoting with. Until now, the stain has sat in a cupboard, unopened. But this morning I cracked it open and got busy. I did the entry hall, and then I ran out of stain. Zut.

After. Plus bien.

          I thought about going to the bricolage for more stain, so that I could do the little nook in the salon. But then the plane tree outside the salon window caught my eye, and I thought, Fuck it. It’s two in the afternoon; I’m in the south of France. I’m opening a bottle of rosé and eating some cheese.

Next up: The nook in the salon.

 Thing I Hate Today: Blonde wood


2 Responses

  1. That nook is a great place to play Gin Rummy.

  2. When can I come over to start a Cher salon? Wainscoting screams for some sequin glare.

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