June 23, 2012: The Lady

          In Bargemon, one gets one’s drinking water from The Lady.

          All that hoo-ha about mountain spring water being the best is true, and in Bargemon it’s free pour tous les gens. The Lady stands atop a stone structure that dispenses the most delicious l’eau day and night, and the villagers come there to fill jugs and bottles throughout the day. The Lady, who appears to be smirking, holds out an empty half-shell, and I always leave her a centime.

          (Our friends Lilia and Lou honeymooned in Bargemon last year, and Lilia recently blogged about The Lady.)

Gimme gimme de l’eau.

Thing I Hate Today: Hangovers


One Response

  1. What a beautiful day there! Now I’m jealous. Plus you look pretty slim in that sun dress.

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