June 20: Dejeuner du Table

Table Lunch for one. Triste.

           A number of years ago, overwhelmed by the wonderful food one could buy at the daily outdoor markets in Provence, Tevye and I invented the Table Lunch. We’d come home from the outdoor market in, say, Draguignon, with anchoiade, and du buerre avec sal, and une baguette and terrine du foi gras and several fromages. And we’d spread it all out on the long plank table in the living room, open a bottle of wine, and eat ourselves into a stupor.

          I made myself a Table Lunch today. It was nice, with a roti chicken and a jar of anchovies and some of those little butter cookies with a chocolate bar grafted onto them which I only ever see in France shops, never in the U.S. Everything tasted amazing, of course, but somehow not so much because every bite reminded me that Tevye’s not here.

          Tomorrow I think I’ll go out for lunch.

Thing I Hate Today: Doors slamming in the middle of the night


4 Responses

  1. Use the nice plates…Just because I’m not there, doesn’t mean you have to slum it with cheap dishes from Carrefour.

  2. I am missing you, sweetie!

  3. I can find Petite Ecolier cookies at every supermarket in the US. What I miss is the really good roti chicken that we cannot get in America. Bon apetite Robrt, I wish we were there so that you could wave to us from your terrace.

    Liz& Josick

  4. You totally have my Melmac.

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