June 18, 2012: Off, Then

          Lady Leighton and I leave for France today. I’m looking forward to being back in Bargemon—it’s been three years—but sorry to leave all this rain and cold.

          The Brits have been apologizing for the weather ever since I arrived. I can’t seem to convince anyone that no, I don’t think it’s better to be roasting like an onion in a buttered pan than to be surrounded by rain clouds and intermittent showers. Some of my friends here have tried to persuade me that I’d come to hate the cold wetness as much as I hate the constant heat of Arizona, but that’s only because they haven’t lived in the desert for a half-century. They’re mistaken.

The address at Lady Leighton’s is The Old School House. That’s it.

          But if I feel at home here, I think it’s because the Brits are so damn proper all the time. They have magnificent manners. The first time Tevye and I visited Lady Leighton, her children came from all over England just to say hello. The grandchildren came, too—little boys in blazers and girls in party dresses, offering handshakes and curtsies and “pleased to meet you.” Jan and David, who live hours away and whom we’d only, at that point, recently met, also came. Lady Leighton was surprised that we were impressed by this attention. “But you’re my friends!” she kept saying. “Why wouldn’t my people come all this way to meet you?”

          Tonight I’ll be sleeping in my own bed, at home, but in the meantime I’m sitting in a backyard that’s called a garden and it’s raining a little. I’m wearing a sweater in June, and that’s enough for me.

 Thing I Hate Today: I can’t recall a word of French


5 Responses

  1. I can see the table where the smelly cheese was tethered!

  2. Here are some French words: fromage, la table, vacance, dormir, agreable. Bon voyage. Je t’aime.

    • Please advise all your British friends of the hearty endorsement of your point of view by this roasted onion. Flitting around the 113 mark the next few days, you picked the wrong week to abandon the lovely oasis of drizzly cool that is Britain. Furthermore, I would adore to see little children in blazers and party dresses behaving with impeccable manners. And an address that starts with “The.” Glorious.

  3. Wait. I just realized your own bed is in France tonight, not down the street from me. EXCELLENT choice. I’ll go back to dreamily living through you…

  4. If you were in Phoenix right now, Robrt Pela you’d be in your hot pants and a tube top because it is so blazing hot right now, Enjoy your sweater for as long as you can.

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