Friday, June 15: You are Here

     Lady Leighton overheard me today telling a Yank on the phone that I’m staying with her at her home in the Cotswolds. After I hung up, she tried to enlighten me.

     “Make no mistake, darling,” she said. “We’re in Great Wolford. Not Little Wolford, it’s down the road. The town is Shipston-on-Stour; which is worth noting because it’s a market town. Don’t be fooled, though. We’re not in Gloucestershire. We’re in Warwickshire. The back part of my garden is in Gloucestershire, but my postal address is in Warwickshire. People—particularly people from Chipping Norton—often are confused by this.”

     Honestly—those people from Chipping Norton!

     Today, we’re driving out to visit our friends Jan and David in the East Midlands. They live in Staffordshire County, in a hamlet called Tayton Hill in the town of Dunstall. Probably you already know this, but it’s quite near Barton Under Needwood. (Lady Leighton used to live in Yoxall, which is next door to Dunstall and borders Burton on Trent, where she sent her children to school.)

It’s pouring rain at the bottom of Lady Leighton’s garden. Bliss.

 Thing I Hate Today: It’s raining and I haven’t any rubbers


3 Responses

  1. And I have trouble with Moon Valley, Sunnyslope, and Deer Valley…

    • It’s absurd, isn’t it? I have English friends and it’s the same nonsense, a simple mailing address could be something like “Lord & Lady Duff Gordon Wichersham Eddington, Country Road East, Rural Route 10 and-a-half-Darling Street 8, Stratfordshire-on-Essex, flat 317, Stumford, 12-15-30-23 North, Wickwire-upon-Avon, Camberley, United Kingdom.” And then maybe a few extra digits just for color.

      I mean Lordie.

      And I thought Bob was in France? He must have gotten lost when the road forked at Stratford-on-Maybelline.

  2. Beautiful photo! Wish I was there!

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