Tuesday, June 12: Technology (I am Not the New Me)

          I am typing this blog post from high above the earth. I’m on my way to spend a few days in the Cotswolds with my friend Lady Colette Leighton. She’s a Lady for some complicated British reason that I don’t entirely understand; something to do with her father having a cousin whose sister was once married to the chancellor of Western Normingstonshire on Brock. I don’t know.

          How odd to be posting from 40,000 feet. Odder still to be reading the new Mark Haddon novel on my Nook, which Tevye gifted me with last night as a going-away present. Another machine! I added it to the pile of gadgets I abhor but can’t seem to live without: my global cell phone; my international wi-fi flash card; my laptop, my digital camera; my Flip camera, my Blue Tooth, and my iPod, filled last night with the most British music from my collection: Pet Shop Boys; the Beatles; Dusty Springfield; the Records; the Stones; Yazoo.

          Each of these devices has its own charging cord, of course—heaped into a bulging zippered pouch and making me long for the days when one wrote things down on a piece of paper and was incommunicado when en vacance. And then there are the various adaptors I’ll need once I get to France, which is my ultimate destination. Lady Leighton lives next door to us in Bargemon, the Provencal village where Tevye and I have a house. She and I will travel there together next week, to our respective houses.

Tevye has stayed behind to look after my parents, and—because my siblings have made it clear that I’m never to ask them for help in caring for my parents—I’ve hired a nurse to fill in while Tevye is at work. She’s a marvel, and my mother loves her face-piercing.

          Here comes the nice air hostess with another glass of wine. Now. Where’s my Vicodin?

Thing I Hate Today: Flat, scratchy airline pillows


3 Responses

  1. I’ll miss you! Call me if you get bored. Have a wonderful time with the Ladies!

  2. Don’t forget Kajagoogoo. I know how much you like them. And never mix booze (in this case wine) with Vicodin or you may not make it back home.

    • Kim: I threw my back out and can’t move unless I have a Vicodin once a day. I was kidding about the wine, of course.

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