Thursday, June 14: Rather a Lot of Joy

You have heaven; I have Stuart House Antiques and Dishware on High Street in Gloucestershire.


         I’ve just returned from my longtime favorite crockery shop in Chipping on Camden, and it’s pouring rain. Lady Leighton and I stopped for tea, and I showed the waitress my purchase: A ceramic baby dish with the King and Queen of England’s face painted on the bottom.

          “You see,” I explained to her, “Baby eats all her mush, and there they are—the Royals, smiling up at her!” I was thrilled.

          “That’s nice, Duck,” she said, patting my shoulder.

          Lady Leighton was mortified.

 Thing I Hate Today: Americans think I’m pretentious; the British think I’m mad


7 Responses

  1. Those would be the things I liked today, if it were about me. I’m so glad you’re having a vacay.

  2. Don’t worry. Americans think you’re mad.

  3. I’m pretty certain the British think your an American goofball.

  4. And Kim, I’m pretty sure it’s “you’re.”

  5. “OhwoncheeupNOW!”

  6. (“Delicious! Watch out for the…It’s really very! Birthday potties mini-taffies ohwoncheeup NOW.”)

    (Fancy Sirs & Ladies, Bob).

  7. American-Australians know you’re mad, but also that you’re brilliant. Enjoy your break!

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