June 6, 2012: La Danse Sans Pantalon

            My friend Stacey brought me a gift the other day. “I’m relinquishing this,” she said. “I saw it and thought of you.”

            That last sentence is one I’ve heard before, and it always thrills me. Because I know the unspoken other half of the sentence is “…because you have such peculiar taste and this thing is really, really weird.”

            And it was.

             Stacey calls it “The Dance Without Pants.” We stood staring at it in awe for several minutes, wondering aloud about the artist, Grace. We wanted to believe that she was in on the joke, painting that poor fellow without any tights. But we knew better.

            I’m going to hang it in the breakfast room, where I’ll see it every morning. I’ll think of Grace, and wonder what other treasures she may have made, and about how lucky I am to have such generous friends who indulge me in my deep love of marvelous trash. And I’ll try not to imagine that each of these friends has told a store clerk—as she’s gently wrapping tissue paper around a plaster cherub holding a dead puppy or a plastic Santa Claus praying to the Christ Child in a wee, light-up manger—“Oh, yes! Robrt Pela has a home filled with such things as this!”

 Thing I Hate Today: Not enough wall space


3 Responses

  1. Love it, the post I mean…

  2. Help! I’m being held hostage in a house filled with senseless tchotchkes.

  3. TOTALLY giggling.

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