June 4, 2012: Critical Mass

Of course I look happy. There’s a woman with a trayful of Twinkies standing next to me.

Here is a photograph of me, taken the other night. I am ten months pregnant with triplets. I am waiting for the ice cream man, a pizza delivery, and for the timer on the oven to go off. There was supposed to be another guy in this photograph, but I ate him. As soon as I finish off the four wheels of brie in my pantry and that chocolate cake in my fridge, I’m going on a diet.

Thing I Hate Today: Guess.


5 Responses

  1. Do not force me to compliment you.

  2. oh dear LORD, how I love thee..

  3. I’m going to guess that the thing you hate today is that the guy that you ate wasn’t also holding a tray of Twinkies. It’s either that or Guess jeans. Also hate-worthy.

  4. What? Chocolate cake? I didn’t receive a call to come over to help! You look fabulous — I have more compliments if I can have some chocolate cake!

  5. Actually, you look great (remember, we are not 19 anymore), and your friend is adorable. I love her dress!

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