June 2, 2012: Last Night, on the S.S. Poseidon …

      Paul Wilson: My Life with Lee Harvey Oswald was, as Paul himself might say, “a sensation.”

      I stopped counting patrons at 287; the gallery was a mob scene. I’d sold most every piece of Paul’s new art—all of it depicting Lee Harvey Oswald as a teen idol, a porn star, a pop singer, and an 11-and-a-half-inch fashion doll—by 8:00. Gallery owner Kristin Shears

sent out for more wine; the 18 bottles I’d purchased that morning were already nearly gone. And the docents, to whom I owe an endless stream of curtsies, allowed themselves to

be dressed up in Paul Wilson vintage finery and spent the evening passing silver trays of Twinkies and Jell-O, two of Lee Harvey’s favorites.

      I’m exhausted. What a night. And now, Paul and I have to prepare to do the same thing on July 6.

Thing I Hate Today: I’m so fat, even Spanx doesn’t work


One Response

  1. Would I say “a sensation?”

    I think I would have said

    “How Totally Tits!”

    This is what I would have said, Bob.

    And it was.

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