May 30, 2012: Able I Was Ear (Disgruntled Letter #3)

Dear Doctor Moore,

I’m writing to thank you for being such a colossal douchebag last week when I brought my father to your office. How thrilling it was to be treated badly by another medical professional. You made my fucking day.

I hardly know where to begin, but let me not forget to mention how much I enjoyed watching as you groaned to your receptionist, “That’s wonderful. They’re TEN minutes LATE!” You couldn’t possibly have known that I, standing so close that I could have reached over and smacked you, would have overheard this clever remark.

Thank you, too, for returning the favor and pretending not to hear me when I called out after you, “Oh, good! Just what I was hoping for today! Another asshole doctor acting put out because he has to take care of a sick person! How about YOU go take care of two 90-year-olds for five solid years, and I’ll stand around here whining because you’re not able to get them to my office precisely on time!”

Probably I should also thank you for deigning to see us at all, but I know you’ll understand that the way you behaved once you finally joined my father and me in your examining room precludes my gratitude. But what a charmer you are! No greeting, no eye contact, only a brusque “Let’s see what we’ve got here,” before spending a total of three minutes gouging wax out of my father’s ears and then announcing, “Okay, see you guys next year,” before dashing away—presumably to be a monster prick to your next patient.

I’m not sure how exactly to show my gratitude for all this loveliness, but I think I’ll begin by forwarding this letter to the referring physician, my father’s general practitioner, who happens to be your employer.

Fuck you (and everyone who looks like you),

Robrt Pela

Thing I Hate Today: Dr. Greg R. Moore AuD, CCCA, 13640 North Plaza Del Rio Boulevard, Suite 350, Peoria, Arizona

Fuck you.


6 Responses

  1. good for you robrt! i was very sick for three years and had to deal with my fair share of AWFUL doctors – one told me i would be less depressed if i lost some weight totally disregarding i was depressed from having a UTI and gaining weight for NO known reason! – she sent me off with an Rx for something calle Pritique! it’s for women i will spare you the totally social details of three other “doctors” i had the misfortune of seeing – i only wish i had taken the time to write them and their employers.

    lest i forget the eye dr. who treated paul like shit – she, i called and made sure she knew how i felt.

    why do they even become “doctors” i guess for the excuse to be sadists and get paid.

  2. Robrt, Thank-you for saying what we all would like to. Seems these so called doctors who think they save lives have forgotten the doctor’s creedo…maybe they don’t have that any longer, but it is a good thing John doesn’t let me have a GUN!

  3. Doctors should be paid an average hourly wage plus tips. That might teach them the concept of customer service and cure them of their god complex.

  4. This would be one of the reasons I see eastern doctors and not western ones. Take your parents to a nice Indian doctor. My 75 year old mother has two of them that she loves. You will get better treatment even if the doctor is practicing western medicine. It is the American doctors that can fuck off.

  5. Bravo!!

  6. I totally want to Leave Him A Polite Anonymous Message…

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