May 28, 2012: Hands Off Cuba

     I don’t typically work closely with an artist during the installation of an exhibit. Artists have a lot of ideas about how their art should be shown, which I think is very nice for them.

     The Paul Wilson exhibit I’m working on this week (which features all-new work about Lee Harvey Oswald) is a very complicated one, and Paul has been around the gallery a lot, in part because I’m doing a lot of installations that require him to schlep props and art-pieces to the gallery.

     Here are five of the stranger things Paul said to me today while I was trying to install his show:

1. “Do you think you have enough ‘Hands Off Cuba’ flyers crumpled up on the floor here?”

2. “I may have to go buy another wig to make chest hair for Lee. This one I brought isn’t the right color.”

3. “These Pop Tarts you bought me are the wrong flavor.”

Paul Wilson, at work.

4. “I got into an argument last night with the lady from 3M. I called to complain about their double-stick tape, and she was rude to me.”

5. “Do you want the Lee Harvey Action Figures to be topless? Because I can remove their blouses.”

Thing I Hate Today: My inability to remember people’s names


7 Responses

  1. ❤ love love love!!

  2. The last one is my favorite. I will be bringing my camera for this little shindig.

  3. I adore Paul Wilson.

  4. Oh how I miss senseless conversations while working w/Paul on murals, etc. Enjoy!

  5. An Example Of An Artist Making An Annoying Amedment (aka A Fussy Rebuttal): I LOVED those Pop Tarts, I had ONE (1), and the next day when I was shlepping in chest hair and faulty tape, the box was on the office counter GAPING OPEN AND EMPTY.

    Gee, I wonder where they all could have…

  6. I wish it were still easy to find toaster pastries without icing. Icing, in my mind, moves my breakfast over into way too sweet, whereas an unfrosted Pop-Tart was just sort of like toast with jam turned inside out. Also, I like the feel of the pie-crusty part against the roof of my mouth. (I guess I could insert it into my mouth bottom-up, but it would be the flat part that had been on the pan. Yuck.)

    We have faulty tape. I was going to throw it away, but Matt kept it for things on which it doesn’t matter. The other day I asked, “Should I Magic Marker on this that it will ruin everything it touches? So you’ll remember?”

    • Petey, I did indeed call 3M about mine and COMPLAINED up a STORM, however the Rude Woman DID send me three rolls of free tape which I received yesterday, AND a curious post-paid envelope to dump my remaining “bad” rolls in “so that they may be examined.” Yearright.

      My issue was the tape snapping back onto the roll after I had plucked forth a piece, and this was double-stick, where there is no way in h*ll to find the “end” to try and re-start the roll. Happened with every roll, approx. halfway through.

      So I simply chucked them with a curse; when the woman asked if I had all the faulty rolls to send back to 3M I said, “Well, one is lodged in the venetian blind at Kinkos, another was ground into the asphalt with my heal, and two others were dropped into the irrigation pipe after being set on fire. Still interested?”

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