May 27: My Date with the “Assassin”

Lee Harvey Oswald is coming.

I’ve been all day installing my next art exhibit at Willo North Gallery. It’s called Paul Wilson: My Life with Lee Harvey Oswald, and it’s a real trip-and-a-half.

The show opens this Friday, June 1. Take my word for it: This, you’ve got to see.

Thing I Hate Today: Cake is not health food



6 Responses

  1. I’ve told all of my friends! Will be there with everyone I know (hopefully).

  2. Been anticipating it since hearing it was going to happen!

  3. An Example Of An Artist Making An Annoying Amendment (aka A Fussy Rebuttal): I LOVED those Pop Tarts, I had ONE (1), and the next day when I was shlepping in chest hair and faulty tape, the box was on the office counter GAPING OPEN AND EMPTY.

    Gee, I wonder where they all could have…

    • Now, see, I’m such a flustered mess that I responded to the wrong blog post, AND made a typo in the other one. Either I am 2, or I did not get enough chocolate Pop Tarts.

      Or both.

      Yes, both.

  4. Either way, he looks Cute as F*k in this picture. So, so innocent.

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