May 24, 2012: Gay Planner

I write everything down.

            The week before I install a new art exhibit is usually a little nuts. And if the artist falls behind, the days leading up to a new exhibition can be hellish.

            Paul Wilson, whose work I’ll be installing at Willo North Gallery next week, is ahead of schedule. He’s been a dream to work with, in fact—sending me updates every couple of days (“I’ve got the dang Boticelli homage done, and now I’m going to start on the Dada series…”) and just being generally pleasant to work with.

            The show opens on Friday, June 1. Here’s a sneak peek:

Lee Harvey Oswald as the Mona Lisa.

 Thing I Hate Today: Being awakened at 2 in the morning by a ringing phone


2 Responses

  1. Love it.

  2. Oh, how I will miss the hours upon hours of Total Senseless Stream of Consciousness Verbal Nonsense that flowed as we went about our chores in the space. I feel a sense of loss now that it’s all hung.

    And it has indeed been a joy to work with Big Bob on this fab opportunity he has allowed me.

    Plus it was great to find out Who Would Be The Next Idiot, depending on who forgot/misplaced/mispelled/broke what…

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