May 12, 2012: You May Already Be a Winner!

            Some friends of mine were the lucky recipients, on Wednesday night, of grants from the Phoenix Art Museum’s Contemporary Forum. Irma Sanchez (whose work I show in the boutique at Willo North Gallery) and Paul S. Wilson (who introduced me to my husband, 15 years ago, and whose wonderful new artwork I’ll present in a one-man show at Willo North in June and July) both received Emerging Artist grants. And the remarkable Annie Lopez was given the first-ever Contemporary Forum Mid-Career Artist Award. Annie’s one of the better-known artists living and working inPhoenix; she’s been making art and running galleries for decades.

Irma Sanchez, far left. Annie Lopez and Paul S. Wilson, far right.

            I’m thrilled for my friends, and applaud Contemporary Forum and the museum for their generosity. But I can’t help but opine: Only in Phoenix can an artist like Paul, who’s been making and selling art since the 1980s, be considered “emerging.”

At the reception following the very nice awards presentation, I hugged Annie and whispered, “If you’re mid-career, I guess this means you’ve got another 30 years of art left in you.”

            I hope so.

 Thing I Hate Today: When people refer to my cats as my “children.” (They’re cats.)


2 Responses

  1. all very well deserved – i mean they are all just damn teens! !!!

  2. This was a splendid evening, and the weather was sudden and fantastic, gusts and rain and everything was perfect (although I left my umbrella at the hat check, and it is STILL THERE. Yes, I called, and it is STILL THERE, as of this writing, May 26, 2012.

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