May 11, 2012: Hot Couture

The Dark Shadows movie opened today, so this blog has gotten a bunch of hits on the essay I wrote about the original television series a couple weeks ago.

A friend of mine wrote to say, “I liked the post about Dark Shadows and your crush on Barnabas Collins. It was funny when you wrote about how you used to dress so weird when you were little, even though I know you made that part up.”

Oh, really?

Me, January 1971. No, I’m not on my way to a love-in. I’m on my way to fourth grade.

Thing I Hate Today: The phrase “At the end of the day…”



4 Responses

  1. That’s the Robrt Pela I know and love! Ascot and all.
    I did see the new Tim Burton/Johnny Depp version of Dark Shadows today with Susan Sutton and we loved it. Great make-up, clothes, and a soundtrack from our childhoods that reminded me of you (Karen Carpenter). You should go see it with Todd.

  2. Oh, and people who say “At the end of the day” say it over and over in the course of conversation. Makes you wonder what they really do at the end of their day. But I still hate “Reached out” more.

  3. Cap or lunch bag in your hand?

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