April 27, 2012: Time

It’s funny. I didn’t realize I’d missed Dan and Jim until they were back in my life again.

This whole middle-aged thing, where people you knew a lifetime ago begin resurfacing, takes a little getting used to. But it has its upside. Like reuniting with Jim and Dan, two of the guys I was friends with in grade school. We’ve been getting together lately for lunch, and the real surprise is how comfortable we are with one another—as if we’d remained friends all along, instead of hooking up again after getting through our twenties and our thirties and forties without one another.

Jim, Dan, Bonnie Paul and I were all 11-year-old pansies together in 1973. Although we were quite different from one another—Jim was popular and quiet; Dan was an artist and an athlete; Bonnie Paul was a clothes horse; I was a bossy know-it-all—we had a special bond. It wasn’t dangerous to be arch and witty in the company of these boys. We could discuss what Linda Evans had worn on a rerun of The Big Valley we’d all watched the night before, without fear of reproach. We quarreled and bickered, but we also swapped clothes and liked the same books and comforted one another when The Partridge Family was canceled.

Left to right: Dan, me, Bonnie Paul, Jim. February 2, 1973.

Bonnie Paul has since left us. About 15 years ago, he became a Born Again Christian and therefore isn’t allowed to speak to me or Jim or Dan, I guess because we might try to entice him away from religion with the new issue of French Vogue or a discussion of Tom Selleck’s chest hair. In Bonnie Paul’s absence, Jim and Dan and I have one another. And for me, as I plow my way through my fiftieth year, it’s comforting to spend time with people who knew me when, and still like me now.

Thing I Hate Today: Gravity


5 Responses

  1. Aw, Robrt. I love this.

  2. Robert….look at you’re hair. I remember that little boy. So happy for your reunion. All you can do is feel sorry for people who are so narrow minded like Bonnie Paul. Just be grateful for what you do have. I’m grateful to have friends like you from the old neighborhood. 🙂

  3. Oh Robrt! you are so gay, and did I say how much I feel the same… I LOVE YOU! By the way… Where is that Bunny? you didn’t sell it to Bob Braebeck did you?? I Miss that Bunny!!

  4. I remember those boys!

  5. That wasn’t the Bunny that did somersaults and simultaneously peed, was it? As I recall, it was NOT a friend.

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