April 26, 2012: Things I Am Frightened By, Part One

1. Marlo Thomas’s current face.

2. The thought that I won’t ever make enough money to buy an island so that I can go live someplace where I get to decide if other people can be anywhere near me or not.

3. Fundamentalist Christians.

4. Some of Cher’s wigs.

5. The fact that pasta fagioli occasionally appears on restaurant menus. (It’s peasant food.)

6. The possibility that my spouse will die in an automobile accident, thus leaving me with no real reason to go on living.

7. The conjugation of the verb “pleuvoir.”

8. The very real likelihood that I will never publish another book.

9. The possibility that I will publish another book, and it will tank.

10. Death.


Thing I Hate Today: Running out of coffee


2 Responses

  1. 1. The nose is a definite improvement to what she had in high school.
    5. Pasta fagioli AND polenta are offered in high end restaurants as delicacies??

  2. Bob, when the Bombs come next December, ALL of these fears will vaporize, no muss, no fuss, in a pretty incandescent glow.

    Have a camera ready.

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