April 22, 2012: My Wife’s Good Fortune

            The woman in line behind me at the grocery checkout noticed the adult diapers in my shopping cart.

            “Are you taking care of a parent?” she asked.

            “Yes,” I replied. “Both of my parents, actually. I see them nearly every day, and they’re doing fine.”

            “That’s so nice,” she said, patting my arm. “I took care of my own mother, right up until she passed. You’ll never regret this.”

            She eyed my overflowing cart. “Your parents certainly are good eaters!”

            “Oh,” I told her, “this is the week’s groceries for my household and theirs. You know—two birds with one stone.”

            “Well,” my new friend confided, “your wife is real lucky that you do the shopping!”

            “I know,” I agreed. “And my husband is even luckier!”

Adult diapers at 9 o'clock: Always a dead giveaway.

 Thing I Hate Today: Cents-off coupons


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  1. I live to read your daily posts

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