April 14, 2012: My Sketchy Husband

It happened again, last night. Tevye and I had retired at about midnight; I with a collection of David Rakoff essays, he with a notepad and pen, which I knew meant he was going to sketch out a knitting pattern to sell at the yarn shop tomorrow.

            Instead, he sketched me. Again.

Me, as Little Bo Peep. I don't recall why.

            Tevye draws me, often. I find my face in pencil at the bottom of a shopping list; a diminutive me scribbled into the margin of last week’s Entertainment Weekly; and once, rather memorably, my nose and eyes on the tile countertop of my parents’ kitchen.

Shopping list Pela.

            I try to act annoyed (“Why is my nose so big?” “Why did you draw me as Little Bo Peep?”) but I am actually flattered.

Me, manning the information booth and looking forlorn at something called The Rainbow Festival.

Thing I Hate Today: Being on deadline, and not out shopping for dishes.


7 Responses

  1. That Tevye. You done good. (Does the shopping list really say “treyf”?) xo

  2. And this one…http://iguessiwriteforfree.wordpress.com/category/favorite-gifts/. You, as one of my little men.

  3. But I believe the Rainbow Festival is for stinky hippy kids, not cranky middle-aged men.

  4. I didn’t see Little Bo Peep, I saw you as Carol Burnett, the cleaning lady….
    I love love love the Carol Burnett show.

  5. It’s not Little Bo Peep. I believe it was Carol Burnett. And I still don’t know why. Oddly enough, the sketch from the other night is not pictured here. The shopping list is disturbing. It’s as if hair care products and hygiene products are a major food group.

  6. Amazing likeness of you, R. And the illustration of Carol Burnett is right on.

  7. I like how the nose varies from drawing to drawing, much as it must from day to day.

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