April 8, 2012: Tevye’s Basket

            My husband is a Jew, and I am an atheist, and therefore we observe Easter each year with the same passion we bring to our annual Christmas celebrations.

            “You’d celebrate Arbor Day if you could create a tradition around it,” Tevye told me this morning while we ate our Easter brunch.

            It’s true. I love dyeing eggs and making an Easter card and going to Chompies for a late lunch of chopped liver and bialy. Late in the day, we swap Easter baskets full of useful items (face scrub! toothpaste!) and plastic eggs we’ve filled with mash notes.

            At our house, you don’t have to believe in G-d to have a rip-roarin’ time.


Thing I Hate Today: Plastic straw


2 Responses

  1. I’d just like to clarify: I am an atheist, as well. As Robrt puts it, I am an “ethnic Jew.” I’m not entirely certain what that means, but it’s his blog, so I’ll defer. Incidentally, I got acne medication in my basket this year. Robrt got Hendrick’s gin. You can draw your own conclusions about that…

  2. Chompies….FEH! New York Bagels n Bially’s is where its at baby!!!!! 🙂

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