April 4, 2012: Well Hung

            I don’t normally post so late in the day, but I’ve been all day at the Herberger Theater Center Art Gallery, installing my new exhibit (a group show called Still Here: Aging in America) and I just got home.

What a gallery looks like when you're not around.

            If my feet were writing this post, it would look like this:

            “Ow! Ow-ow-ow-ow fucking OW! Aaaaaaah! Ouch! Goddamit, someone stick us into a bucket of fucking hot water NOW! Jesus, buy some motherfucking sneakers already, enough with the clever Italian shoes while you’re tromping around all day on tile floors hanging fucking art on the wall! OW!”

At the Herberger gallery, I have a staff that does all the physical stuff, which frees me up to act sniffy and say things like, “A little more to the left.” It’s weird.

 Thing I Hate Today: Insufficient arch support


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  1. Robrt Pela you make me laugh.

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