March 31, 2012: Birth Rites

This morning, while we played cards, my mother chatted me up about my origins.

Mom: Were you born in Ohio?

Robrt: Yes.

Mom: I was, too.

Robrt. I know. You were born at 246 East Park Avenue in Niles, Ohio.

Mom: Wow. You have a good memory. Were you born on East Park, too?

   Robrt: No. I was born in a hospital.

   Mom: Oh. Were you sick?

   Robrt: No. I went to the hospital to be born.

   Mom: Oh. How did you know to go to a hospital to be born?

   Robrt: I was in the company of a very wise woman at the time.

   Mom: Well, you’re really lucky.

   Robrt: I know.

Thing I Hate Today: Nap interruptions.


2 Responses

  1. Angels come in the form of sons, as well as daughters. (Some of them are even born in Ohio, in hospitals.)

  2. Robrt, I like this. A lot.

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