March 25, 2012: New Blog; Old Tricks

Tevye and I went to the theater last night. Nothing new there—I’ve spent some part of pretty much every Saturday night for the past 25 years watching a play. It’s what I used to call, with a straight face, “my career.” It’s like anything else: It sounds like fun until you have to do it every weekend for a quarter-century, and then it’s just what you do to pay the gas bill.

What was new was that half the conversations I had last night began with someone saying, “I’ve been reading your blog.” On one hand, that was nice; there’s no point in writing anything if no one’s going to bother to look at it. On the other hand, it was discomfiting to know that the people with whom I’ve been having cocktail chatter in the lobbies of theaters for years now know about my fondness for the vocal stylings of Jack Jones and my occasional flatulence.

No, really. You need to hear him do "Alfie."

Everyone had blog advice for me. A theater publicist suggested I either rename the blog I Like Some Things or become more consistently hateful in my essays. My friend Neil thought I should write more about dead film actresses; a colleague of mine barked, “Less profanity, please!” as he dashed for the exit at intermission. A character actor whose name I can never remember (but whose long-ago performance in an Equity production of The Girl from Oklahoma I wish I could forget) thought I should include recipes here.

            People have been full of helpful blog suggestions. My artist friend Suzanne Falk told me how to get rid of the pesky urls in my Facebook promos for this blog. Vicki Louk Balint taught me how to make “hot links,” which sounds like a tasty sausage dish but is in fact a magical thing that allows readers to jump from what you want them to finish reading to an entirely new topic. And my gorgeous, smart friend Lilia tried to explain to me how to understand where my blog hits are coming from. I didn’t understand a word she said, but to be fair, I was distracted by her lovely skin.

            It’s official. I’m a blogger now. I don’t hate it. But I wonder: If I’m still doing this 25 years from now, will it just be what I do? And will it pay the gas bill?

 Thing I Hate Today: Ball point pens.


4 Responses

  1. We will review the blog hits on Wednesday. And I’ll wear a bag over my head.

  2. I know nothing about hot links or Facebook urls but I always enjoyed Jack Jones. I liked his “Wives and Lovers” and…the “Love Boat Theme.” Smooth stylist!

  3. Just the best…………..I know nothing about bloging etc., but guess I’ll just have to sit my fat ass down and learn how it works. This will be most enjoyable, as you are!!!

  4. Flatulence?

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